♻️ JustKeepIt! Up with Yoneko Nurtantio about Starting and Marketing for Change ♻️

♻️ JustKeepIt! Up with Yoneko Nurtantio about Starting and Marketing for Change ♻️

If you like me have questions about how to set up a business, where to begin and how to make your baby grow. You may have made little attempts who were looking like starting one, but was quickly put on hold because of anxieties and doubts. This article is definitely something for all of us who just don’t know how to navigate in this new era of opportunities, who have no idea where to start and want to be their own freaking bawsss.
Let's bawsss.

With a head full of questions and a thesis in the preparation I got the honor to meet a wonderful entrepreneur-author aka Yoneko Nurtantio. She gave interesting insights about how to set sails to navigate in this changing economy towards a more circular one, how to perform marketing for change and why your network is one of these magical ingredients for success.

So... where do we even begin?

Before you put pressure on your brain and have to steam out all the frustrations of not having found the next. big. thing. Let’s stress this one once and for all: you DON’T have to reinvent the wheel, to be the next Bill Gates. You don’t.

You can let yourself be inspired by your own everyday life, just switch the focus to the external environment all around you and needs that can surge out of it. Or even more from the way you jump out of your bed, to a particular mindset you’ve, to the way you might handle everyday challenges. They may hide some (un)obvious opportunities. (Self-)awareness. (For more on this topic in my previous article)

The family Nurtantio illustrate this phenomenon as real bawsses. They made out of their automatism of recycling the rests of their dishes, which seemed obvious to them, into completely new ones, a new concept called ZéroGaspi. You can literally make several freaking new meals out of one and waste no food at all. Save some more money for your travelling-the-world-plans, you never seem to be able to save for. And feel like Houdini in the kitchen. (For more magic tricks -> Abracadabra!)

Soooo.. wrapping it all together: what you might think is the de facto way of doing things, and that everyone is doing it the way you do it, may not always be true. And exposing your secret formula could contribute to millions of other people. Think about it, you could be, like the Nurtantio’s, one dish away from your goal. Eat smart, save smarter and spend harder 😉

All right, all right… not allll of your ideas will be that bright, smart and glamorous, and some will even just be crowned as the most successful failures of all time. And that’s OKAY. It’s better to try something, than to try nothing and carry regrets to your graveyard. It’s that simple.

Anyway if you chose to drop that insane idea and try to find another way of coming to a business idea, follow the man, Christian Homsy’s, wise words: Quand vous trouvez une idée, ne trouvez pas une solution en recherche d’un problème, mais trouver un problème en recherche d’une solution.”  With other words: don’t try to sell umbrella’s in Chili just because you can. Finding a solution for real unmet problems or not enough fulfilled needs on the market will bring you much more cash than convincing people on a Chilean marketplace about the best impermeable umbrella’s Chili counts. And we don’t doubt they are.

  • Keep in mind..
    • That ideas can be found everywhere and in anything, just put your self-awareness on ON.
    • But also that your idea has to have commercial value.
    • Before you jump from the fear cliff into your dream, test it, ask for feedback (grandparents, children and parents seem to be fair judges, just try them).


Marketing for change.


Products who have scored greater market success were not always technically superior than competing ones, an excellent marketing approach has been the precursor in a lot of cases. Thereby in a world where the social enterprise and sustainability awareness are reaching new heights, it seems important to know how to speak the transitional language to close the gap between linear and irresponsible economy towards a more circular and responsible one. As if we need a special kind of communication to deal with change, I hear you whispering. Well.. try to tell people only once that their train is arriving on a different quay than usual and see how more than half the travelers will feel lost and even doubt what they just heard. Try it.

                                  So how do we market for change?
  • Within the circular economy storytelling is a crucial technique to involve all stakeholders in the process on the wave of change. You don’t have to play Brad Pitt to get people involved, just keep yourself to telling a story of quality with a lot of passion.  (Maybe being Brad Pitt could help actually, but anyways.)
  • Offering (free) workshops, conferences and challenges for organisations and individuals as learning experience and network event will make everyone a better surfer on that wave for change.
  • To move things up and break old habits you don’t necessarily have to talk about a circular economy as such. Emphasizing on the idea behind a new economy, what kind of mindset sets the fundamentals and what the personal advantages are for every individual are the way to go.
  • Like several circularist (let’s throw some new jargon to sound smarter, let’s start a new wave, getting practical told y’all), some specialist between circular economy specialist and economist, announced the circular economy to be still in the early stage. Which means that a lot of creativity, innovation and delivering quality are needed to create a successful tsunami of change.

In line with the ZéroGaspi-concept created by the family Nurtantio, which is also a bestseller, forgot to mention it btw!, a wonderful challenge has been linked to it: JustKeepIt! 

  • The challenge combines informing all of us, since we all eat, right?!, about how we could spare the planet of food waste and save some more cash. Cha-ching!
    • Not only will you sleep better, but you will also spare to 5000 euro’s extra for holidays or other passions. Here too, the personal advantages are underlined and for most monetized! V important aspect, the money-matters!
  • The challenge also invites participants on an innovative and creative way,  to shake old habits by giving away tips and tricks on video during 21 days (scientific number of days to change a habit, you knew this one already, high-five!).
    • How? By liking the facebook page: www.facebook.com/JKIChallenge , ’cause using contemporary social platforms is, yes sir/madam, the way to go to propel your marketing, and thus business,.. no thanks.
  • Thereby the challenge is a real call-to-action where everyone is actively involved and has fun challenges to step up to. Who says challenge, also says a lot of prizes to win. Again, the Thank-You economy (as previously mentioned, here), gives authentically, shares and cares as core values and DNA of doing business.

That being said, JustKeepIt! Up with the Nurtantio’s, ’cause I’m sure wonders never cease over here.

(interactive image to click on – your call-to-action: Subscribe!)

  • To keep in mind..
    • Story-tell to involve all, allll, your stakeholders on the wave for change
    • Involve your public also actively by conferences, workshops and challenges (a candy for everyone subscribing to the JustKeepIt!-challenge)
    • Communicate in the language of your public, on a simple, accessible way, no need to overdo the circular economy, no one will understand you anyways. Talk about the personal advantages people can have and speak about the money, that’s what drives the economy, right. And inform as much as you can.
    • Translate every goal for change into little actions that can be implemented in the everyday life of each individual.
    •  Keep delivering content and products of quality at the center, and bear in mind there is no one way to approach the circular economy as such. Creativity & innovation are more than welcome in the way of approaching marketing, business and even the conceptualization of products.
More about branding, visibility and networking on the next postttt.

That being said,

    Ciao les amis et retrouvons nous pour de nouvelles aventures dans le prochain poste! 
       (couldn't stop me on this one, hihi)
              seeeee y'alll !

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