A penny or 3 millions right now, right here?

A penny or 3 millions right now, right here?


Please make a choice:

? or ???????
Choosing the salad or the burger on the menu?
2 bottles of water a day or some soft drinks?

?️‍♀️?️‍♂️ or  ?
Working out or procrastinating? or  ?
Making your date with your wifey a priority or hanging to some time wasters?Finally:?
3 Million euros right now, here today?
a penny who doubles in worth for 31 days?

Obviously, you think small things add up to big results, right?,..

But, your neighbor at home took the 3 M euros in cash.

Now, take your penny for 5 days in a row, and it’s now worth 16 cents.

While your neighbor has 3M euros in cash,
and you can hear the parties going on at home.

Now, we’re 10 days further and your penny is worth 5,12 euros. Not even enough for a happy meal at McDonald.

While your neighbor is having caviar and expensive drinks for dinner. And having Jay Z coming over. 

Now 20 days further, your penny is worth 5.202 euros.

And your neighbor has his 3 Millions in cash and partying like a rockstar. ?
It’s not until we reach day 31, that we see the dramatic outcome of this compounding penny. Where your penny has turned into 10.737.000 euros against, his poor 3 million euros. 

The math between day and day two is exactly the same easy choice than between day 1 and day 31, and on the last day. 

At the moment you make a choice,
the consequences, the outcomes, the results are invisible,
it looks like it has no impact whats however.

But if you could take a space time continuum and collapsed the choice you made,
I reassure you, you would change your choice. 

Let’s suppose that you promised your spouse to never go to bed angry.
And one evening you went to the angry-couch.
But this morning it’s different, you woke up with divorce papers..

If you made the other choice over time, this maybe would never have happened. 

1. Patience 
Even if you don’t see the result of the choice at the moment, it’ll pay off over time.

2. Changing the trajectory of your life. 
One day you’re going alone, and then suddenly you’ll be shocked of how fast you came to that ‘divorce’.
You might not have done any bad, but that one degree off during 20 – 30 years later, you wandered miles away of your target (the love of your life).

3. Live on the ground. 
You start off from the ground, and get hit by another stone,
But you keep your eyes on the target. And you still rise higher and higher.
Even then you’ll get a smaller or even a bigger stone hit at your head.

You want the success key ? 

Stay on track. 

Never underestimate the small choices,

We are always rewarded.
The amazing as the poor choices. ?

Short-term pain vs long-term pain = short-term pleasure vs long-term pleasure. 

Pick your suffering, pain of discipline or pain of regret, it’s up to you. 

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