Be bold. Be ambitious.

Be bold. Be ambitious.

Next to writing about motivation and business I’m also fond of drawing. First it started by drawing on paper, then I discovered Adobe Illustrator, which is a free app and unbelievable easy to use. Since then I tried it on the app and gaddd I love how drawing sense like with it.

So because I discovered it not so long ago I decided to draw some portraits of people I knew by using a picture of their instagram account. 

This little gallery shows my first steps of drawing by using Adobe Illustrator. Thereby I strongly believe that each one of us radiates something and that we all convey a message to the outer world by just being who we are..

… so let’s discover them and dive in to it


CféBelgium is an upcoming brand designed by Tonya Mas. Seeing the brand evolve through social media for a year now and seeing how much it’s growing, really inspires you to believe and keep working on your dreams. By the same token it learns you about patience and how more time it takes to get somewhere. Always more than you conceived it to be. 

The goal of CFÉ is to compliment each other more by acknowledging their fortés, each linked to a coffee type.The focus of CFÉ is to inspire, empower and support creatives and young entrepreneurs all over the world.

Find more about Cfébelgium on:

Joachim B.

Inspired by his entrepreneurial drive and shared experience at his startup Ori-Omi the following two drawings have come to life.

On the left you can see a first draw where I played with colors and forms, trying new kinda brushes and tints. On the right side you can find Joachim the owner and founder of Ori-Omi. The red colored location logo is also the one representing his business.

Be grateful, enthusiastic and faithful ’cause life is an extreme struck of lucky experience you’ve been granted. One life.

Serial-entrepreneur and vlogger, his enthusiasm and passion for his business and life shine just through his personality. Go check his business and personal pages on the links below:

Quentin E.

Quentin is freshly graduated from the Queen Mary University in London. Proving once again how middle school teachers can be so judgmental and foremost wrong. Keep believing in yourself and never quit on your dreams, ’cause if you give up you could never know how great you could have been.

For this drawing I tried to combine an animal, like the king of the jungle y’all know, and half Quentin’s profile. The challenge here is to align the eyes and the rest of both faces in a more or less symmetric way. 

Breaking stigmas. No one but you defines who you are and want to be in life. Define yourself, be yourself.

Go check Quentin’s instagram:

Cheyenne N.

This drawing started because I felt bored at work and I wanted to try my first sketch in colors. In our 12 hours shift, yeah they are not joking at our student job, this came into discussion and Cheyenne gave me a picture I could draw of her. 

I first drew the contours and then filled in layer by layer, not that difficult at the end, but being patient and concise helps a lot I experienced. Quiet happy about this first try.

Be glamorous, be confident. We all got that femme-fatale in us. It’s on you to let her shine her way out. She deserves it.

Go check Cheyenne’s instagram:

Cyra G.

This drawing is also a byproduct of my boredness I have to admit, but thanks god it’s a productive one right?! Well Cyra launched at that time her first EP.  In a cover-design-way I visualized this drawing coming through.

This drawing combines light and shadow in a black-and-white frame. 

“No matter the whisperers, the self-doubts and the nay-sayers. Dare to dream big, try harder and to never give up.”

For more about Cyra check these following pages: 

Be bold, Be ambitious.


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