How to encourage Youth Entrepreneurship? – European Entrepreneurship Contest

How to encourage Youth Entrepreneurship? – European Entrepreneurship Contest

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The European Commission Directorate General for Single Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs has launched again and was looking for answers to this question: ” What skills do tomorrow’s entrepreneurs need? “.

The purpose of the contest is to collect creative and well thought out answers to help shape the future of European policy on

what government, academic institutions and businesses can do to ensure that young people can acquire the skills they need for tomorrow’s world of work.

You can find my, uhuem kinda formal not used to it on this blog I know, answer to this topic.


The contest can be retrieved by the following link:

The following answers is what I would do..

What would you suggest to promote Youth Entrepreneurship here in Europe?


Skills the youth need for tomorrow’s world of work – Encouraging Entrepreneurship in the EU

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” – Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.



Let’s face it, the world is changing in an incredible pace, globalization is a reality, even if some still want to close their eyes on it, and our lifestyles have completely changed as a consequence.

We live in a transformation era which has completely revolutionized the way business is done and how society is evolving, the need for a better Europe and new economic dynamics are more than ever a topic to challenge.

Particularly when 6.3 million young people (aged 15-24 years) were neither in employment nor in education or training in the EU (

The youth should not have to shrink from their dreams, nor feel ashamed of their roots, neither to whatever takes their breath away, this said for dreams as for self-expression in times of contradiction, and to have a say in how they want to live their lives.

As a society it’s our duty to empower each other, to awaken our hidden talents and to give us a chance at pursuing our dreams. Be it by tolerance, social inclusion, education, politics, sports, entrepreneurship, arts, or any other discipline. If a country can make its citizens believe in themselves and bring out the best out of them, I believe that not only Europe but the whole world can make huge steps towards a brighter future.

Definition of Entrepreneurship

Before any initiatives are taken, policy makers, academics, entrepreneurs, students, employees, and every stakeholder that is concerned, should pause to clarify the vocabulary and sharpen the language about and around what entrepreneurship means to all the different parties involved. As mean to develop a clear and common understanding of what entrepreneurship means to everyone of us and how alignment towards an European entrepreneurship can be achieved, to finally avoid conflicts of interests.

Culture around entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not a goal but a journey with countless of ups and downs. While the ups are cheered and magnified, we tend to look down to failures and become less tolerant once they occur.

Unfortunately the success rates of startups is very low, which will spare no one from frustrations and sometimes second chances. Therefore, to learn from mistakes there must first be a culture towards accepting failure and educational programs to learn youngsters and everyone of us to deal and learn from these failures on the most effective way.

Further entrepreneurs are change agents, risk takers and executors, which are very appealing to bring change into economic developments, but above all they’re human beings. Human beings that are on a journey towards growth and personal development. To encourage such developments economic and personal wise, people should have the chance to flourish human-wise at school, at work and in their community. This brings us to the suggestion to develop an educational program around the art of living, knowing thyself and social inclusion, where not only finishing a school program at the end of the year will be the goal of teachers, but the flourishing of their students would be. I don’t believe in countries facing crises, but citizens in crises. I believe that being an entrepreneur is backed up by a whole philosophy, mindset, and skills as resilience, perseverance, discipline, uniqueness, creativity and passion. And if countries today can give the opportunity to their citizens to tap into their talents, from youngsters to adults, nations will rise faster and healthier.

By learning and practicing these skills since a young age and bringing a whole society in touch with entrepreneurship, folks could acquire the skills more efficiently and match them to this ever changing economy.

Support system

Networking is one of these ingredients to achieving and succeeding in every field of our lives. Thereby rethinking and providing physical and digital meeting places and support systems, as impact hubs, mentorships, coachings, coworking spaces and educational programs to meet up and find the right support systems to accompany every (future) entrepreneur during their journey could provide for better leap ups.

As youngsters we tend to lack experience in the work world, which could give better insights about how markets, industries and the economy is working. Encouraging more practical experiences in every educational field possible and involving the expertise and experiences of businesses in the raise of the required work skills of tomorrow, could prepare the youth and the work world of tomorrow to better welcome and prepare the next generations.

Alignment of mission and vision

When the vision for Europe, its member states, citizens and the corporate world is clarified for every stakeholder, the mission can be achieved more smoothly. In order to make the vision a reality,  aligning the vision with the mission will formulate more accurate goals and by consequence make us achieving targets faster.

Communicating with every concerned stakeholder and understanding where they come from and which vision they have for their future will be a main start point to bring everyone together and to achieve mutual goals. If we want to change and grow together we have to develop the skills of listening, empathy, understanding, open mindedness, self-awareness and self-reflection, since not only the economy is dredging but the humans who form the steam engine of it need the fuel to push through more than ever.

Finally, if policy makers, governments, the corporate world and educational institutions want to encourage youth entrepreneurship, they will have to involve the youth in their decision making processes, they will have to empower them and not shrink them when the youth dreams bigger than any officer could ever dream for thyself and for most they will have to make the youth learn to trust and become confident in themselves.

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