Fear in business & life

Fear in business & life

Let’s talk about it.

But first:

Please tick your choice of statement from the selection given.

  • The fear of starting
  • The fear of starting over
  • The fear of changing
  • The fear of growing whatever
  • The fear of even being able to think you could ever make something good with your life
  • What ifs
  • Paralysis-by-analysis (because yeah right you got to overthink every little detail to be sure you overcome mistakes)
  • Procrastinating all the way up (‘cause you can)
  • Wondering at the end of the day what life is really about..
  • The fear of astonishing the world or sounding stupid
  • The fear of rejection
  • The fear of becoming (too) successful or just something better than your low self-concept
  • Still in denial, don’t disturb. (Thanks.)
  • Please specify your weirdest remaining fears: …

If you checked some or all of these, congratulations you got some hidden fears playing hide and seek with your business life, personal life (maybe too) and freaking mental health.

Who even cares about mental health? You should, smarty.

In the hope you didn’t get a panic attack up to now, just a reminder you, your life, business and relationships are not that disastrous as you’ve conditioned yourself to believe it is.

I don’t take responsibility for your pulse rate for the rest of this article, so I guess we are square.

Now, you are wondering after this whole chitchatting what the formula to overcome all these fears is, right?


What if I told you that fear is not the problem?

Disappointing some right now,.. but to that too I and you should also vote ‘No, to giving a fuck’!

If everyone, everybody, each one of us, humans, animals, aliens, whatever, feels fear when approaching something new in life,

Yet so many are out there “doing it, acing it, beyoncéing it” DESPITE the freaking fear,

then we must conclude that.. Fear is not the problem.

(Gosh, you got some real problems then,… just kidding)

It’s not fear but HOW you hold on to your fear. Some of us create a state of paralysis when they get it through their body, and still others keep thinking it’s irrelevant and just DO IT.

Obviously you want to be part of the second part of the populace who just do it and don’t settle with their lives.

Well, the only little secret I can share to get you from a paralysis-state towards a mofo baws is to move yourself from a state of pain to a position of power.

Shake in front of the following 5 life-changing secrets.


Feel the fear and do it anyway.

If you thought this article would help you banish the emotion of fear for once and for all, it has to be a major disappointment to realize you have wasted your time reading until now. But yah, you saw it coming : You’ll always feel it. Every time you continue to grow. If no matter what, you are determined to get rid of it, go out and just freaking do it. Remember also that every time you’ll get in touch with unknown territories, fear will come salute you, but so it’ll to everyone else. So take a breath you are not that weirdass you convinced yourself to be. Lastly, pushing through fear will always be less scary than to have to live with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness..

Life is too short to try to play it safe. There’s no safe position in life..

You can’t get out of life alive… Anyway !

No-lose model

When you fear to start your business, the start of a relationship, or what God have chosen to put on your way, you most of the time think in terms of: I’ll either win and it’ll feel great or I’ll lose (something you never started, someone you never talked to,.. basically a stranger, howw?! Anyway.) and this will feel disastrous. Let’s caught yourself in your patterns for once and frame it differently for all.

What if you talked to this girl/guy who makes your heart pound, started your business who makes your dopamines rise right away and could either make you win the woman/man of your life and your dream of a passive income..

Or you’ll learn some lessons from mistakes, like not showing up with a spotted shirt and pivoting your business faster, instead of fearing the change (which could be something you could work on too).

Either way you’ll win a better partner and business at the same token, with a bit of luck.

Reverse engineer your life

See yourself at 90, less mobile (to not say not mobile at all anymore), with a lot of faith and prayers not too sick, grey haired and your grandchildren visiting you once in a while if they don’t get lost in their techies. (GoogleMaps exist of course, but at that time, they’ll have some travelling app to teleport them instantly all over the world, I don’t know, but you’ll for sure not be in their crazy lets-travel-the-world-plans.)

Let’s not lose focus. You have that picture of you. In your rocking chair looking back to your life… full of regrets or proud you were who you were and did what you did…

I hope you get the message.

The choice is up to you, Granny/Granddaddy.

Who is it you try to please? You or the crowd? Or your mom?

Who do you think of when that feeling of being stuck gets you? Whose opinion is sending shivers down your spine?

Once you identified these persons haunting your thoughts. Get rid of them. Be it mentally and/or physically.

You have to live up to your own success-scale, not the ones people hold for you. The height of this whole crappy frightening story you keep telling yourself, is that nobody cares at the end. Everyone is more concerned about their own crappy lives, and are themselves frightened by the idea of what you could think of them.

Thereby, if it happens that they shout at you how much of a crap you and your work are and that you’ll probably make it in the Guinness Book of Biggest Failures Ever. Remember that even Steve Jobs saved face after the famous Apple Newton-flop and took over the world with its 1000 buckets phones, everyone seems to have money for in a world everyone is complaining about the crises. In the same realm let’s take Trump as example of being a proud serial failure, starting with Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump casinos, to Trump President. Perhaps we should just refer to him as “Trumped”. Not so sure about the saving-face part tho..

Anyway, keep in mind: if you happened to fail, make it part of the act. Like yeah, whatever I planned that bankruptcy, what now?! (You can use a plan to tackle possible setbacks, like bankruptcy if you happened to forget. But you got the spirit badass, right?!)


Preparation, preparation, preparation. In case you were to be drunk while reading this, you’ve got more chance to have seen the word at least one time.

Set achievable goals and work your butt off to make them happen.

Be it business-wise by collecting all the information needed to knowing how to run a business, and finally doing it.

Be it mentally by conditioning your mind to think more positively, analytically, seeing things in perspective, being persistent, seeing opportunities where you once saw roadblocks, visualizing success where you saw disaster, to moving furniture with your brain power (if you can please contact me, so excited to learn this), whatever mindset you need to become successful..

It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

This too you can train.

To a life where fear is afraid of you,

To an empowered you,

To a successful you,

Much besos, execution and kicking-ass-energy,



PS: Just, freaking, do it !

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