5 ideas for having a Million-dollar-idea

5 ideas for having a Million-dollar-idea

Stuck? You wanna start something up, but that million dollar idea is just not coming?
Running out of steam already…?!
Heyyyy, hold your horses.. I’ve an idea!

5 enlightening ideas to get you to these million-dollar-ideas:

1. Tap into your talents!
“But I’ve no talents”.. Before you get down on yourself, try to remember a situation you aced. A skill you perform pretty well. As tiny of a skill you might think it is. Having a good elocution, being a drawer, a problem solver, and. so. on. A little talent can bring you further than you could ever imagine. Dare to bet on it.
2. You are already a genius.
That crazy idea you stored in the back of your head and never dared to talk about, because of fear of being pointed at as weirdo, well that’s your golden ticket to your first million. What, what, what? Bingo, you have millions of million-dollar-ideas stored just in that brain of yours. Howww?!!! Well, you might as well give it more thoughts and see the potential in it. Edison, Einstein, etc. were all geniuses, not because they were more intelligent as you are, but because they dared to tap into their madness and discover the hidden magic in it. Give it a try !
3. Retrace the daily life of a specific person, target group, situation, life-event and God knows more.
And twist the way it’s performed, the products used, how it’s marketed, sold, which media of communication, emotions, whatever is involved in the process of having something done.
For example: You, the badass, acceeding to this blog, went through the fact you had to open up your phone/computer, click on the browser/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn app, check for this page/see it spamming on your wall and clicking again. If you permit my imagination to go crazy for an instance, I could rethink your way of accessing this blog post.
Suppose a sensor in the screen of your smartphone could exist who detects the pressure/temperature/moves pattern on your screen and determines in which mood you are right now.
Suppose than that these analytics could help the browser you are lurking at to show you only what could interest you at this moody moment. Just, brainstorming a shitty idea, or not, to make you join the wave.
Or in the same mad atmosphere, getting the ad scrolling over your screen talking to you, to get you on this blog. Creeepy. But hey just tapping into it. Tapping.
4. Study the psychology of how society is working, how a specific target group is living, how a physical thing is working, e-to-the-t-to-the-c.
  1. Tap into their mechanisms, their daily life handlings, emotions, rituals, and so on and so forth.
  2. Another intake: try to make something easier, more efficient, innovative. For example (going mad again): instead of frying fries, having a special product who makes the potatoes fry instantly in contact with the air, when you open the bag. Why not?
  3. Be medium. Play into predictions, trends, hypes and anticipate on them. Think of the cryptocurrency who is getting even louder with times. What about anticipating on its power on the market? The way people will have the possibility to pay for your products? Teaching courses? … Million-dollar-ideas.
  4. How are other cultures different? What are they using/doing, that we don’t? How can we copy-paste it to our living world? … Let’s be open and inspired.
5. Study human behavior.
1. Be aware of your fidgeting behaviors, emotions, frustrations, tics, weird rituals, … they are your next big thing !!
Not convinced??? The Fidget Spinner Craze. The ballersqueezer. Slime.. Yup, your fidgeting is a business on itself. There you go, self-awareness is the road to success.
2. Rituals/Repetitive motions.
How to elongate/shorten (most of the time the goal) the way to this blog or something else, make something faster, brighter,..? Or even crazier, how to completely revolutionize the way of doing a ritual?
Instead of a family get-together for the night show in front of a TV, why not having the hosts in your living room as cryptograms and having them involving you in the show (singing together with Jimmy Fallon and being the star of the night, jjjust tapping).
3. Attitudes, values, psyche, and so much more, the human complexity is the root of great ideas !
To starting,
To new ideas,
And to tapping into your hidden genius
Much love,


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