10 Badass Advices for High School Seniors – From a Senior to a Senior

10 Badass Advices for High School Seniors – From a Senior to a Senior

Apparently it’s your last year at high school ?!! Say whatt, another chapter almost closed. Forever.
The teenage years have been awkward, skin-problematic ? Drama, tears, lies, .. ? Wellll, it seems you’ve had a normal teenage life.Buttt, life doesn’t end here, every end is a new beginning..
College life.
Relaxxx, the next 10 badass advices will make you survive your last year at high school and prepare you for your next adventure.

1. Use this last year to really get to know yourself.
You’ll get a LOT of information about colleges, different study areas, the aspirations of your parents for you, and. so. on.
Yet an itty-bitty detail will be forgotten by your school, teachers and parents.
That you have to absolutely get to know yourself. Before you take any decision towards your future.
Get to know your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, passions and foremost what YOU really want for YOUR life.
While everyone will be selfishing on you this year: teachers who just want to finish their program by the end of the year, parents freaking out to don’t have their collegedreams for you broken down and colleges convincing you they are the best choice for you future. You’ll have to be selfish too, and make a real assessment of your personal aspirations, not those of your teachers, nor of your parents, but yours.2. Create memories and enjoy every moment.
High school have definitely been the most tumultuous and funny years of my life.
At college everyone tries to be very ‘attentive’ and professors are not really paying attention to your existence. With other words, no silly jokes, excuses for giving assignments in too late, and debates about out of subject topics, just to waste time (we were guilty too), allowed anymore. Thereby all the holiday periods will maybe be the last ones you’ll enjoy before you retire.. Got it? Make it liiiiiitttt.
Close this last chapter of the high-school experience with laughing outbursts, loco experiences, and I dare you to play in your annual high-school play, you never dared to. Regrets are the only thing you’ll take with you, if you did not fully lived your high-school experience.3. Ignore the non-sayers, including your teachers, haters and parents.
Classically, teachers will have get-togethers to talk, gossip, about you, your abilities and what you should do with your life doomed to be a disaster. Thereby your parents will add some more pressure by informing you 10 times a day how important your grades are for college.Helllo, skip them all. Ignore them. ALL. Parents, friends, lovers, and especially teachers.

First of all, they have no clue about what you are capable of and/or what you really love at life. After 6 years (if you were lucky) you are just tired of these high-school baby-cries, and the motivation could be lower compared with your dedication from the first years. Yes, just because of that.
Second, like my economics teacher always said, write the following on a sheet of paper and hang it up above your bed (or on the wallpaper of your smartphone, y’all know technology getting ahead and stuff): “Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”

4. Supersize your dreams.
Not to sound cliché but dream big. And once you finally dared to dream big for yourself.. Dream bigger.
Ever heard of: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you’ll land amongst the stars.”
Well, no myths allowed on this blog, this latter is declared completely certified.
No marks, no ‘evaluation’ from the ‘school board’, no rejections, no past events, no proofs from a scientific study who appears to be credited by many, can stop you from living your dreams and make you amongst the ‘exceptions’.
These ‘truths’ are limiting beliefs thrown at your face by limited minded people. You got the choice: take them on or stay true to your badass self and sway that sh* out of your way.

5. Scare the future away.
No need to be anxious about the future. Even as a college senior today I can tell you, I’m still not knowing where I’m heading to. That’s all part of the journey. You’ll have to get used to it. And oh ya.. I almost forgot, don’t expect to have all your stuff together in your twenties, you’re not supposed to, even if we think so.
The future is only as scary as we imagine it to be. Why not using your imagination into an empowering and exciting one??

6. Document your life.
Have a journal. Cheesy, maybe. But having some memories of who you were to look back at will make you realize how much you’ll have changed. If you are not into writing, take voice memos, vlog your life, anything. Your future self will thank you for this.

7. It’s normal to have no idea where and what you’ll study. No you have no problems/your life is not doomed for failure.
As a pro-worrier trust me on this:
It. is. completely. normal. to. not. know. what. you’ll. do. with. your. life.
I decided which studies to undertake a few days before the academic year was starting. And my mom helped me make this choice, just saying.
If this one makes your nights shorts: make an inventory of your strengths, interests, hobbies, dreams, etc. And try to find something who suits you. Forget about the requirements. In college it’s the one who’s the most motivated who wins, not the most ‘intellectual’.

8. Good grades don’t reflect your intelligence, nor who you are and what you are capable of.
Nowadays companies understand even more that grades are fine but that the competitive advantage of a candidate lies in his/her personality and soft skills. Don’t underestimate college tho. You’ll have to work, because if it was easy everyone would do it.. But that’s not a reason to beat yourself up if you did not get that grade you aimed for. You’ll get there. No panic.

9. You have time.
What I would have liked to hear through my life experience until now is: You have time. There is still time. Don’t rush yourself into anxieties and insomnias.
Life always finds a way. Take a breath in, breath out.

And be foolish, it’s allowed.

10. Learn to love yourself & focus on your strengths.
If there is one uttermost important class the system failed to incorporate in education, is the art of loving thyself.
It’s not by beating yourself up that you’ll progress. It could work in the short term, but you’ll without doubt end up with aftereffects. Don’t expect too much of yourself and others, be gentle, motivate yourself through your journey and don’t be too hard on yourself.
Further bet on your strengths, betting on your weaknesses just brings headaches. Betting on your strengths will outstrength your weaknesses on the journey. Keep faith.
You’ll get there.

I promise.

To a badass senior year,
To graduating,

To big dreams,
And new beginnings !!Saludooos, mi amigooosMuchos besos,Xo,


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